The Infinity & Beyond Crew


Don Cairo started streaming back when Twitch was Justin TV and enjoys streaming all kinds of games for the community engagement and network of awesome people. His interests as an artist started at a very young age when he was trained to be a belly dancer. He was born in Cairo, Egypt and moved to the United States in 90s where he has spent most of his life in Cleveland, Ohio. Don had dreams of becoming a musician but his music career was cut short after he fell out of favor with his travelling barbershop quartet. Don’s second passion to gaming is probably sports and although some might consider that as masochism since he lives in Cleveland, he only sometimes goes off on sports tangents during I&B streams (thanks for the title LeBron!). After overcoming an addiction to a werewolf phone sex operator that nearly bankrupt him, he has a new lease on life and uses it to spread his new multi-level marketing business on his My Space page.

John Helfers

John Helfers has been involved with games for more than thirty years, from playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as a teenager to editing game books and fiction in multiple universes, including BattleTech and Shadowrun (Catalyst Game Labs), Aetaltis (Mechanical Muse), Golem Arcana (Hairbrained Schemes), Skies of Axia (NOMnivore Games), Tyranny (Paradox Interactive), and Terminator: Genisys: Rise of the Resistance and The Fall of Skynet (Lynnvander Studios). Recently he added game co-creator to his resume with the release of Henchman (Clarion Game Studios).    

Along the way, he also started playing RP games again, thanks to Arvan Eleron and the IAB crew, which is most likely the only reason you’re reading this bio right now. He lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife and three cats.

Margaret Krohn

If you are looking for insight into the gaming world from the mind of a full-time game developer and part-time content creator, look no further. Whether Margaret is creating games or playing them, she always brings depth into the characters and worlds she is a part of. She’s played and GM’d a wide variety of tabletop RPGs from Dungeons and Dragons to My Little Pony, and continues to add new ones to the ever growing list. She aims to immerse you into worlds, and make you feel an emotional tie to the characters within them – be ready to laugh, sigh, and of course, cry. 


“DarkSide” Rob James is a Voice Over Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Video Editor and Twitch caster who has worked on everything from independent films and YouTube videos to multi-million dollar, award-winning franchises for radio, TV, film, online platforms, and video games. He’s had the privilege to perform in some of New York City’s most prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, City Center, and Studio 54. And he recently released his first album of original music on Bandcamp (“Shadows in the Drift”) with a 2nd album to follow in 2019. You can find all of his work on his website


Before you ask, yes, Sod grew up in the harsh outback of suburbia Sydney, evading the deadliest of encounters such as crocodiles, snakes, giant spiders in your toilet, boxing kangaroos and drop bears! (whatever you may of heard about Australia, it’s all true). Some of his very first memories are playing on his Commodore 64. That passion has bloomed spreading to tabletop, pen’n’paper, board games, and various other gaming systems. So if you’re looking for some hot tips on how to beat Barbarian, Double Dragon, Beach Head, Boot Camp, California Games, R-Type, Operation Wolf … (Note, we had to stop here because Michael kept listing a stupid amount of c64 games)

Trendane Sparks

Originally born in Texas, Trendane Sparks eventually escaped and wound his way through a mystical series of jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area where he has worked as a software QA Tester for both graphics drivers and video games, a freelance mascot performer, and several jobs on a PBS kids’ show. For most of his life, people have told him that his voice is a pleasure to listen to. But since being a werewolf phone sex operator can get boring, he decided to use his powers to entertain a broader audience and now works as a voice actor for video games, audiobooks and more.