Episode 86 – Curse of Strahd

Welcome to the eighty-sixth episode of Curse of Strahd with Infinity & Beyond, broadcast live on Arvan Eleron’s Twitch channel. In this episode, Ollok and Weller conclude the first part of When Ollok Met Weller, the story of their first adventure together–with a decision about what leads they’re going to pursue as they head to ruins which may have the key to the mystery the two adventurers are exploring. (The second part of this “prequel” will appear in a future broadcast.) If you like what you hear, please spread the word, and check out the live broadcasts at www.twitch.tv/arvaneleron and the past video broadcasts on Arv’s YouTube channel. Please note that we have now launched the newest I&B campaign, set in the world of Eberron–you can find those videos on the YouTube channel as well. Finally, as usual this episode was edited by the amazing Rudy Basso, our audio editor for this show–find him at https://twitter.com/RudyBasso , and thanks as always for listening!

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